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3 Podcasts You Need To Add To Your Library!

I love a good podcast! I often listen to them while driving or in my garden with a cup of tea. If you listen to podcasts im sure you have your favourites too. If you haven't heard of these then you should defiantly check them out!

Heres why I love them...

The Health Code

This podcast is produced by Sarah's Day and Kurt Tilse who are the cutest and possibly one of the craziest couples that I know of but in a great way! Their podcast is about all things health, lifestyle and business. Together they cover a massive array of subjects and always start off each episode with "the weekly wrap". Which is a segment where they spill the tea on what they have been up to that week.

They have had me crying with laughter many many manyyyy times with the weird stuff that happens to them on a daily basis (honestly you couldn't write it) and some of it is more relatable than I would like to admit!

Sarah and Kurt interview a lot of guests on the podcast some who have created awesome businesses, fitness gurus and health experts. All of which have a name for themselves so you're getting great advice and stories from people who really know there stuff. If you want to have a good laugh while learning about so many different life hacks then this is the podcast for you!

Thanks Sarah and Kurt for so many laughs!

Make your break - Jai Long

I found Jai's podcast last year when he was being interviewed on another podcast for photographers. Jai exudes passion so I couldn't wait to listen to his podcasts and almost a year later I'm still hooked!

If you're a wedding photographer you need to listen to this podcast. Jai has built an incredible photography business and community from the ground up. He shares his knowledge of the industry, tips and tricks and interviews other awesome photographers. His zest for life and passion shines through as he speaks about what he does and why he loves it. Jai has some incredible tips that have helped me in my business and could really help you with yours too. Jai also has online teaching courses one of which I have purchased and im absolutely loving.

Thanks Jai for helping me grow my photography business and help better serve my clients!

Happy Place

This is a beautiful podcast by the Wonderfull Fern Cotton. This podcast is like listening to a chat show. Each week Fern interviews guests who have a story to tell. They're often celebrities who have so much to share. Together they delve into mental health and what or who has helped them through tough times.

Some of my favourite guests have been Dawn French, Garry Barlow and Gok Wan.

This podcast is full laughs, lots of British humour while tackling some important subjects about mental health and happiness that doesn't often get talked about.

Its refreshing hearing celebrities who I have grown up with and admired talking about their wins and losses in life. There stories are often really relatable and make you think its okay not to be okay.

Fern has written three books about mental health and I have purchased her first book "happy place" and its been a great book for me to use in my daily life. Its full of activities and fern talks in-depth about her struggles in life and how she's got to her happy place today.

Thanks Fern x

I hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as I have! leave me a comment about what one is your favourite, I would love to hear what you think.

Meg x

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