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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Once you have said I do, the confetti has fallen and you're now somewhere beautiful on your honeymoon! It's time to start reminiscing about your wedding day. Maybe about the feelings you had as you walked down the aisle. The awkward but funny moments filled with memories at the speeches or the fact your bridesmaids had to get Auntie Anne back to her room after one too many sherries! Its time to get excited as you will be receiving your wedding photos soon!

It's so important to find the right photographer to capture your wedding. You're going to be spending a lot of your day with your photographer so you really want to find someone who you feel comfortable and relaxed with and vice versa.

Firstly think about your budget.

How valuable are your photos going to be to you? It's easy to just see a price but these photos are going to be with you forever. If you really love a photographers work but they're a bit out of budget for you then think about what else you're spending your money on within your wedding day and think about the value of these extra bits in relation to your photography. Maybe you can save money in other areas? Don't be afraid to ask a photographer if they can tailor make you a package that fits within your budget.

Have a look at different styles of wedding photography.

There will always be one style that jumps out at you above the rest so find a style you love and start from there.

A recommendation from a friend or family member who has recently got married is always a great way to start. Ask them all about their photographer and what they thought of them and have a look at some of the photos from their wedding day.

Alternatively if you don't have any recommendations have a google and find some local photographers whose work you love.

Email a couple of your favourites to see what their packages are like and prices. Once you have an idea of who you would like to shoot your wedding arrange a call or a meeting.

Personally I think its best to meet up with your photographer before you book them to see what they're like and to see if you're a good match. It's just as important that the photographer thinks you're a good fit for them as it is for you. They want you to have incredible photos and if they don't feel like they're the right person to capture your day then that's ok. It wasn't meant to be and you will find the right photographer for you. If you're unable to meet face to face then a video call or a phone call is the next best thing.

Have a list of questions ready for your first meeting.

These can be anything from... If your day runs late will they stay for longer and what's the charge for this? Do they have a wedding contract? There are so many ways to capture someones wedding day and every photographer will have their own unique way of doing this. Ask how the photographer works and can capture your day.

Get to know your photographer. You should feel comfortable with them.

Think about booking an engagement shoot.

This is a great way for you both to get a real feel for each other and to get to know one another before your big day. Your photographer should be excited to shoot your wedding as its such a special thing to be asked to shoot a couples wedding.

I really hope these tips are helpful and if this has helped you find the right photographer for you then ahhh that's amazing! Congratulations and I hope you have the most special day.

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