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How To Propagate plants

Are you a plant lover? Me too! I'm kind of obsessed.

With so many different types of plants now days it can be hard to know how to take care of them all. Its taken me many years to manage to keep most of my plants alive (somehow I still can't quite manage to keep Ivy alive!). One of my favourite things to do is to create new plants out of plants you already have at home. Its super easy to do so lets create some new plants for your home.

You will need

  • A plant which can be propagated

  • A small glass jar or container (you can even use a egg cup)

  • Scissors

Lets get cutting!

Get your plant and cut about 1cm above the node. The node is the part of the plant/stem where the leaves emerge from. It creates a slight swelling in the plant. (see photo above)

If you have a plant like a Pothos then cut 1cm either side of the node.

If you have a plant similar to a String of Hearts then leave around three nodes in between each cutting so when you add it to the soil it will be able to hang.

Once you have your first cutting then continue to do this as many times as you would like until you have the number of cuttings you desire.

Next fill up your glass container with water. Place each cutting in the water so the node is fully submerged. The node is where your root will emerge from in the water. Make sure that the leaves are out of the water as if the leaves sit in water they will rot. If your cutting has leaves too close to the node that will go into the water then just remove these leaves.

Place your new plant in a area where it will get lots of sunlight to help it grow.

Now all you need is patience!

After Care

Once you have your plants propagating nicely make sure you empty and refill the water once a week as your cuttings need oxygen to survive so by adding new water you're providing the plant with the oxygen it needs.

After a few weeks you should start to see tiny roots emerging from your plant. Yay!

Wait until you have about an inch worth of root on each stem before you pot your new plant.

Grab your pot!

Once your plant has long enough roots its time to pot! Get a small pot and fill it with earth. Make a hole with your fingers in the earth in the centre of the pot for the roots to go into. Place your cuttings into the pot and fill in the routes with earth so just the leaves and some of the stem are exposed. Pat the earth down gently to secure your plant in place. Water your new plant so its nice and moist. Now go and find your perfect spot for your new plant!

For the next couple of weeks make sure your plant is kept moist. Its been living in water so it needs to get used to living in earth.

You're done! How easy was that? Enjoy your new plants. Let me know how you get on as I would love to see what you choose to propagate!

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