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Let Me Introduce You To The Doggies!

If you know me, you know I have always been in love with animals. I am particularly obsessed with dogs! It has taken me 18 years to have my own dog and now almost 7 years on I am lucky enough to have two! They are Havanese who are niece and auntie. Izzy (Black and White, auntie) & Ruby (Black, niece). Now I can't imagine life without them. You only have to follow me on insta to see my daily stories of my #dogmumlife to know how much I adore them.

They both have such different characters. Ruby is the shy one and is never far away (especially when there are chicken treats around!) while Izzy is the adventurous one and I have found her on more than one occasion wondering into the neighbours house and taking herself off for a house tour!

There's never a dull moment with these two around. They have me laughing every day!

They're best buddies! I can't count the number of times they get up to mischief. When someone comes into the house Rubys favourite thing to do is run of with a personal belonging. Her favourites are shoes and gloves. Luckily she just trotts about with it in her mouth looking super pleased with herself but doesn't chew. Yay!

Izzy however will lick you to death as soon as you enter the house. Iz also becomes a parrot when you sit on the sofa and finds her comfy spot on your shoulder. A characteristic of Havanese is that they love to be up high to see what's going on.

The little nosey monkeys!

I am lucky enough to have a lifestyle where I get to spend a lot of time with them so naturally we do everything together. We start every day with a gorgeous walk in one of our favourite walking spots. Living in surrey we have lots of walking spots to choose from so we love to mix it up. One of our favourite days out is going to west wittering beach! They love paddling in the sea and if they are feeling really brave maybe even going for a swim. There are beautiful sand dunes so we often take a picnic, park ourselves in amongst the dunes and spend our day in and out of the sea.

A few years ago I had an idea to go on a staycation with the family somewhere that was really dog friendly and on the coast. After doing lots of research I found the perfect little hotel in Cornwall which had its own private dog friendly beach and in the area you could pretty much do everything with your dogs. It was the best family trip ever and we didn't want to leave!

We now go to Cornwall every year with them and stay in the same hotel in Newquay called Tolcarne beach. Every morning we head out of our apartment and go for a nice early morning stroll on the beach before breackie. Its our home away from home!

Taking the dogs on holiday is just the best as we can spend the whole day exploring different parts of Cornwall before heading back to the hotel for a hot choccie and a well deserved rest.

Getting a dog was the best decision I have ever made and now I can't imagine life without them! I did so much research to find the perfect breed to suit my lifestyle and the Havanese just seamed to be the prefect match.

If you have a dog you realise how important they are to family life! My two are like my kids!

If you're getting married and and want to have your dog at your special day then go for it! There are so many venues these days that cater for this. You just need to find the right one for you. I love seeing dogs at weddings and I have been lucky enough to have shot a few in the past where the couples had their dogs as part of the big day and these have been some of the couples favourite photos from the day!

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