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Candid, Relaxed &

Natural Photography

Not keen on super posy photos? 

Good because neither am I!

My mission is to capture the love, romance and emotion between each couples unique love story. I love to take timeless and beautiful photos that will bring your memories and emotions rushing back every time you look at them.

I feel the best photos are when you don't even know they're being taken.


This way your personality can really shine through! 


Wedding photography for the Wild and Adventurous couples!

Invest in an experience

Not just a service

From the day you enquire to the day of your wedding (and even beyond) I'm along for the ride and here for you!

I'm here to answer all of your questions, offer advice and make your whole wedding experience as easy as it can be.

I'll send you questionnaires to help me get to know you better, friendly texts and emails to see how you're getting on with your wedding planning, and I'll be there to guide and help you on your wedding day!


Think of me as your extra bridesmaid that you never knew you needed! 

Intimate adventures

What to expect

Wondering what it's like to work with me?

Here let me tell you!

As a photographer I like to have a relaxed approach to taking photographs. My photography style is very natural, authentic and unposed. I like to document your story as naturally and authentically as possible without making you feel like you're in front of a camera. I prefer spontaneous photos over posed photos. This way you get to enjoy your special day with your loved ones.

What could be better right?!

I believe that you should have all of your photos from your special day with no limit on how many photos I deliver to you in your final gallery. This doesn't mean that you will get every single photo I take on your wedding day. If you did it would take you a week to look through them! I go through your wedding day image by image and edit all of your images minus the blurry ones!

I have no reason to hold anything back from you and this way you know that you will have all of those precious moments captured forever.

Love isn't perfectly posed

so why should

your photos be?

Being in front of the camera...

Its way more fun than you might think!

If you're sitting there looking at all of these photos of these couples laughing, smiling and looking super cute together and you're thinking there's no way I could look that natural in front of the camera? Im here to tell you that you so can!!!

Feeling nervous is totally normal, I would be worried if you didn't feel even a little nervous! As a session starts all couples feel nervous and a little silly but its my job to make you feel at ease and most importantly make sure that you have fun!

I feel you, I get you

I'm here for you!

Lets talk about your couples photos...

A lot of my couples have never been in front of the camera before and I promise that I will make you feel at ease and confident while having your photos taken. I'm a chatty person so throughout your session we will be chatting away all about your wedding day so far and taking photos while we do so. I promise not to have you standing their awkwardly in silence while I line up the "perfect shot"!

I like giving guidance and direction while making sure your true emotion and feelings shine through. I like to use a lot of movement during photo sessions so that you feel more comfortable and you always have something to do. 


My goal is to help direct you in a way that feels natural to the two of you!


Theres no right or wrong just do what feels natural and authentic to you both. Every couple is different and I adapt the way I work to your specific needs. Some couples love to be silly and for others that's totally not their thing and that's completely okay! Every love story is completely different and that's why I'm so passionate about telling your story your way and however feels right to you two.

Feel confident, have fun


Make memories

Make your wedding your own

If there one piece of advice I can give you its to really make your wedding day the way YOU want it to be. Whether its a big ceremony surrounded by family and friends or just the two of you on the beach or a few of your nearest and dearest under an archway in the middle of the woods. Do what feels fight for you.

Want to see what packages I can offer you?

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