Hey  Im  Meg!

I'm a photographer based in Surrey who loves adventure, being immersed in nature and lots and lots of herbal tea! 


Being in nature is truly where I feel at my happiest, calmest and most inspired.  I have spent all of my life exploring the outdoors, with family, friends and my two dogs Izzy & Ruby who are my absolute world! I feel incredibly lucky to live in the UK where we have such a wonderful and diverse landscape on our doorstep. Family time is super important to me and I believe we should make as much time as possible to create memories with those who are most important to us.

My style as a photographer is natural, candid, relaxed and adventurous. I love bringing the outdoors into my photography as I believe there are so many memories to be made from both our past and present. Are you like me? Do you look back to the days where you'd head to the beach with the family, make sandcastles, paddle in the sea and have a picnic? Or when you were in the forest climbing trees, making mud pies and building tepees? Fast forward to now and you're enjoying strolls in the forest with your significant other talking about the future, maybe even planning your wedding! Or maybe you're watching your little one in the woods as they watch the movement of the leaves, seeing their first deer, jumping in puddles and getting filthy, because why not? All such incredible moments just waiting to be captured.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many wonderful people. Everyone has had a unique and special story to tell and I love that I've helped them create those special memories; those moments no matter how small they are, the feelings, the laughter, so many smiles. 

I can't wait to hear your story so contact me below and lets chat....

Morning Dog Walkies 

Hot Chocolate

Cosy Sundays

Harry Potter



These are a few of my favourite things...








The Beach

Family & Friends


Ruby  &  Izzy

My two fur babies.

Toy loving, leaf rolling treat chomping


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